Frequently Asked Questions
What are the unique features of True-i ?

The device has the following features some of which are unique to it only

- Motion detection during parking surveillance mode - 2 directional adjustable holder design
- Auto switching between parking surveillance and driving shock modes - On board 1GB Flash memory and Li-po back up battery
- Smart battery monitoring and auto power-off of device power at certain voltage (device power cable can be connected to direct battery line for survillance mode during parking) - A/V out terminal to instant play on in-car enterntainment device
(GPS, Hi-fi set, monitor, etc) or TV screen
- Provisional communication port for GPRS modem - On board micro phone for Audio/ voice recording
- Connection port for optional emergency SOS panic button - 12-24V auto selelction
What is the viewing angle of True-i camera?

The onboard camera has a wide range capability of 121 degree horizontally.
Where is the True-i Vehicle Black Box / Car Black Box installed at?

The True-i vehicle black box is typically installed at the front and/or back windscreen facing outward.
Is there anything I have to be aware of prior to the installation of True-i ?

Yes. Please make sure that the upper position of device is not blocked by any metallic objects and is not too close to the car ceiling as this may affect
the quality of the GPS signals reception.
How do I view my recorded files?

The files can be viewed on any computer using the "True-i viewer" software which is preloaded on the SD card that comes with the device.
(Kindly refer to the user manual for a more detailed explanation)

Note that it is also possible to view the files by connecting device to a viewing device like a monitor
Is there any warranty for True-i ?

Yes, true-I comes with a standard warranty of 1 year
Will the video quality be affected by low lighting conditions?

No, the camera has an aperture of f/#1.8 which allows for superior imaging even under low light conditions.
Do I need to pay for firmware updating?

No, the firmware can be downloaded free of charge from the Download Center.
How do I update the firmware ?

Kindly refer to the tutorial which gives a step by step explanation on the updating process.
What are the applications of True-i?

The True-I system can be used for various purpose and in various industries such as

- Vehicle owners for accident, surveillance and scenery recording
- Vehicle importers and dealers
- Fleet and fleet management companies (Taxis, buses, trucks, etc) - Driving centers and driving instructors
- Motor insurance companies - Automobile related shops (Hi-fi audio workshops or repair shops)
- Rental car companies
- Other surveillance purpose at home or in the office