True-i 1 Channel Features
Surveillance & Recording
Equipped with Motion-Shock activating surveillance feature, True-i records videos of suspicious activity around the vehicle. This video recording is done in a continuous loop by the unit,triggerring of motion detector orv shock sensor will result in a 40-second footage with audio will be saved.
Exterior Features
This exquisite black box is installed right below the rear view mirror and power cable is linked directly to the car battery. Optional connection (2 pin connector) of External Switch for emergency recording is available.
Camera Features
The camera has an aperture of f/# 1.8 that provides superior imaging in low light conditions.
Built-In Media Player
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) function (Max. 25 frame/sec.)
Interior Features & Compilation of Important Data
Empowered by useful components such as Impact Sensor and GPS Sensor, beside audio and video evident, important information like vehicle travelling speed, direction of travel, force of impact and real time of the event is generated.
Power & Battery
True-i monitors and powers off automatically when vehicle battery level is low. Built-in Battery enables it to continue to work despite any car battery interruptions.
Exterior Features
Crucial output and information exceeding up to 50 critical events per 1GB are saved in the internal and external memory storage.
Input/Output Port
A/V Output: NTSC/PAL/0.4W Mono, Voice (Mic): 192 Kbps Mono